www.darksky.org International Dark-Sky Association
  • The impact of lighting on the environment
  • Outdoor light fixtures that are shielded to "round up your stray light"
  • Keys to good lighting:
    Contrast, but not too much
    Uniformity, but not too much
    Enough light, but not too much
    No glare!
    No "light pollution"
    No "light trespass"
    No "sky glow"

www.xps.org Xeroderma Pigmentosum Society, Inc.
Operates Camp Sundown, for persons with XP or related conditions that restrict the patient from outside activity in daylight.   They welcome families and individuals with XP and related conditions from the world over to experience the magical time of Camp Sundown, where the children enjoy the world that was created for all of us.   These children have only the desire to belong.

www.moonchildren.com Children of the Moon
Created by a group of artists, this site offers a means whereby children, teens and adults living with XP and other related photosensitivities, and their families, can come together without geography, or light, being a barrier.   The site strives to provide a fun-filled place that incorporates activities through which participants can gain some relief from the confines and restraints that this disease places upon them; a place where others can learn tolerance and understanding of people with special needs; and a place where there is an overall feeling of community.